How To Write A Case Study Paper

Case study papers are some of the most common types of assignments that you will encounter in the course of your schoolwork. While it is relatively easy to tackle such a paper, many students still find an issue with working on it. This blog will try to offer you some useful insights on how you can develop a case study paper, along with some of the core aspects that ought to be included as well.


When coming up with a case study, you first have to examine the case thoroughly. This involves reading through all the material and taking notes of the key points. From there, it is important to identify at least two key issues with the case. You will then be required to identify why these issues exist, their impact, along with the parties responsible. The next step would be to identify possible solutions for these problems. Here, you can use outside resources such as research papers and books to back your argument. Remember to provide strong supporting evidence, along with pros and cons for the solution that you have provided.

Even with the points provided above, you should never forget the proper formatting for a case study analysis. There are five main sections which include:

  1. The introduction
  2. Background.
  3. Alternatives.
  4. Proposed solutions.
  5. Conclusions and recommendations.

If you made use of outside resources, it is highly recommended that you use appropriate referencing, and highlight the resource in the reference section at the very last page of the write-up.

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