How To Write A Case Study Essay

Writing a case study essay is very similar to writing a case study paper. You can find out our guide to writing an excellent case study paper HERE. However, today, we will go into more in-depth into the critical aspects of a case study essay and what you should include to come up with a decent write-up.

Most importantly, it is crucial to consider the structure of the case study essay. It should include the following sections:

  1. Introduction:

This serves as the roadmap for the reader, offering him or her the scope of the paper, while also revealing the purpose of the study.

  1. Literature Review:

This section is often the same as a typical college-level research paper. However, it focuses on providing background information on the case at hand. It seeks to point out some integral points that will be addressed in other sections of the paper.

  1. Method:

Here, you will select a specific subject of study and strategy and explain why then decide whether the case was appropriate in addressing the research problem.

  1. Discussion:

This is the body of the case study essay. It focuses on drawing conclusions about the key findings from the case study. It highlights the research problems, explains the meaning of the findings and relates these findings to similar studies.

  1. Conclusion:

As is the case with every research paper, you ought to make a summary of everything discussed in this section. Everything should be clear, and you should make use of simple language while laying emphasis on how the findings from this case study differed from or supported previous research, and reasons why.

Of course, always remember to properly reference your work and add a reference list to your case study essay, while taking into consideration the paper format specified by the professor.

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