Where can i find my affiliate code?

Login to you RockitAcademix affiliate account. Once logged into your account, navigate to your dashboard and on the top right of your screen you will see your affiliate code.

How it works?

After you have signed up to become a RockitAcademix affiliate, you can log into your affiliate account. You can share your affiliate code by using our email marketing software on your dashboard, just enter the emails you would like to share your code with and your affiliate code will be sent to them accordingly. You can also share your code in any other way you want, for example, tell your friends and classmates about it or advertise it on your social media.

When a client makes an order on our website using your affiliate code, they receive a 20% discount and you receive commission which will reflect in your balance section.

What commission do I receive?

The standard commission we offer is 15.00usd. You will receive 15.00usd for the first order of every new client you refer which spends 35.00usd+.

How do I receive my earned commission?

Log in to your affiliate account and click balance on the left navigation bar of your dashboard. There you will have the option to request a withdrawal of your earned funds.
Note, withdrawals are permitted starting at 40.00usd and upwards.