Expectations vs. Reality: A 2019 perspective

At the turn of the new year, everyone was out to make resolutions. The phrase “new year new me” was being thrown around like confetti, and two days into 2019, the fever has not yet died down.

People often go into the new year with enthusiasm and tons of optimism, which is the right thing to do as attitude has proven to impact various outcomes in a person’s life. However, it is also important to be rational about certain things and differentiate between expectations and reality.

Take a look back on your last semester, for instance. You attended (some) classes, preferred certain professors and teaching assistants over others, and when results were released, you passed in some courses while failing in others. We might not be seers or wizards, but we are pretty confident that from similar experiences, both recently and in the fast past, you have come to acknowledge that there is a significant rift between one’s expectations, and what is considered as reality.

From a student’s perspective, everyone wants to pass. Everyone wants to graduate summa cum laude once campus life is done. However, the reality is that only a small fraction of students in a class manage to achieve such a distinction.
With that said, did you know that you can increase your chances of achieving that goal with a little assistance? At Rockitacademix, we will help you with that research paper, that essay that you have been struggling with, or that math problem that’s had you plucking hair from your head. We would help you in closing the gap between your expectations and the reality on the ground. We will partner with you throughout your academic journey in this new year, 2019. It is our promise and commitment to you, and all you have to do is give us a shot.

Say no to struggling with that 10-page research paper while also struggling with your part-time job. Well, realistically, say no to that 10-pager getting in the way of movie night with your significant other. You can have a social life and still perform well at school, and that is why we are here!

We understand that you have various academic expectations, and the reality of things on the ground might be far from what these expectations might be. However, we as Rockitacademix, will help you in closing that gap in 2019. We won’t promise you anything grand or out of this world. We will just offer you what we know and consider to be our reality, owing to the thousands of orders and thousands of clients with whom we have had the privilege of working with.

So, go right ahead, give us a shot. We promise that by the end of this year, you will be one contented student, having realized your expectations, or at least closed in on the gap between your expectations, and the reality on the ground.

At Rockitacademix, we ROCK your academix!…and also help you realize your academix expectations 🙂

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