The Beginning of a New Academic Year

Summer is done. The holidays are over, and now, time to get started on that new academic year. It’s now time to chase those deadlines, follow up on assignments, attend those classes, finish up on those projects, and most of all, link up with friends you’ve not had a chance to meet for what seems [...]

Upcoming Finals: Rockit Eases the Pressure

The semester is pretty much done, summer’s here, and your grades are probably not where you’d want them to be. To add salt to injury, you have assignments that have piled up to the brim yet you have no idea where to start. It is safe to say that this is the usual cycle for [...]

RockitAcademix Crossing Borders

Currently, there are many websites claiming to provide essay writing services, essay help, academic writing assistance, and other similar services. The industry is flooded with such websites, but none of them stand out as well as RockitAcademix does. Most websites out there are just out for your money, pricing their services exorbitantly high while failing [...]

Why RockitAcademix is the Go-To Essay Writing Service in the UK

Essay writing companies, specifically in the UK, are in plenty. However, very few stand out the way RockitAcademix does. Many have submitted their assignments, only to find that they got regurgitated, plagiarized work delivered to them. Others have had to deal with crappy customer care, all this regardless of having paid hefty premiums for “quality [...]

Why RockitAcademix and Not Our Competitors

RockitAcademix is a unique entity that stands out in the industry. Our track record speaks for itself, and our value proposition exceeds the expectations that most of our clients have. This is a brand that is passionate about seeing students perform at their level best without having to extort them, or having to resolve to [...]

How Students in America are Outsmarting Their Teachers and No One is Doing Anything

We all know higher education can be daunting. Courses are difficult and significantly mentally exhausting. You, as a student, have a part-time job to go to, you have friends to catch up with, events to attend, and assignments that ought to be submitted- and passed- at the end of the day. This is so much [...]

Expectations vs. Reality: A 2019 perspective

At the turn of the new year, everyone was out to make resolutions. The phrase “new year new me” was being thrown around like confetti, and two days into 2019, the fever has not yet died down. People often go into the new year with enthusiasm and tons of optimism, which is the right thing [...]

How To Write A Case Study Essay

Writing a case study essay is very similar to writing a case study paper. You can find out our guide to writing an excellent case study paper HERE. However, today, we will go into more in-depth into the critical aspects of a case study essay and what you should include to come up with a [...]

How To Write A Case Study Paper

Case study papers are some of the most common types of assignments that you will encounter in the course of your schoolwork. While it is relatively easy to tackle such a paper, many students still find an issue with working on it. This blog will try to offer you some useful insights on how you [...]

Are Academic Paper Writing Services Ethical?

In our last blog, we tackled the legality of academic paper writing services. This time around, we will try to evaluate these services from an ethical standpoint, specifically focusing on RockitAcademix and what we offer. Whether it is ethical or not has been an issue for debate, and we are more than certain that this [...]

Are Academic Paper Writing Services Legal?

This has been a topic for debate over a long time. Many have raised the issue of whether academic paper writing services are legal or not. The debate has further morphed into whether the services are ethical or not. Well, in this article, our focus will be on whether academic paper writing services are legal, [...]